PCR a go go

The boys have all tested negative for PCR tests – the results from our Monday morning tests came in on Tuesday evening and Wenesday morning.

so, our legal isolation comes to an end at the end of today, meaning the dogs can get a walk out of the garden from Friday and we are all free to head out once again – however the NHS COVID-19 app is still staying we should isolate until into next week – confusing information does seem to be the name of the game with this virus….

So we will stay isolated for a little longer.

We are also aware of another household that has transmit the virus to another householder in the last day or two which suggests that we may still not be out of the trees just yet….

COVID progression

So following Vicky’s positive test, she has now had a positive PCR test done and we are therefore all officially isolating until next weekend.

Vicky has now lost her sense of smell and taste which is not much fun apparently 🙁

The boys have tested negative on Lateral Flow tests conducted last night and have this morning posted (we elected to test at home rather than go to a drive through facility) PCR tests – we should get our results in a couple of days…

School were pretty quick to spin up the online lessons for the boys although not all of their lessons are online – hence they are enjoying a little more RnR time during the school day….

We have been penetrated….

…. Oh noes… COVID-19 is in Kirkby Grange and has infected V 🙁

She tested positive to a Lateral Flow test last night so went for a PCR this morning. We are now awaiting the confirmation so our isolation began today 🙁

Thankfully, we were able to collect Freddie’s prescription from the vet prior to to official isolation.

All the boys have continued to test negative so we will now wait until Sunday for our next test (seems pointless wasting them in the mean time)

The boys are therefore back to online schooling and sadly will miss their last day of the school year (next Friday) again this year. Silcoates have been incredible with most classes being made available almost immediately and it is expected that all classes will be available from Monday onwards – really impressive transition although some of Olly’s were already running since the infection has come from his year group it appears 🙁

Hopefully all impacted will get well again quickly and we can scratch this off the list of things we must endure…..