RIP young bird 🐦 :-(

So, we had a bird enter the house from the roofline above the main bedroom – although we think it was nesting just inside the house at roof line.

The poor little thing was battling to find its way out but was heading over the master bedroom ceiling towards the en-suite. This was Saturday morning.

By the afternoon the little chap had managed to figure out a way down the walls and by the late afternoon was just above the lounge area to the inside of one of the large beams 🙁

Tonight, dad removed the poor things body from the void under the master en-suite 🙁

RIP poor little chap – your last 36 hours were tortuous and we were unable to help 🙁

First BBQ of the year…

Believe it or not we only had our first BBQ of the year last night for dinner…

The requirement and weather have really only just aligned for us so some super tasty chicken was on the menu 👌

Sadly we did not enjoy the food outside as the temperature had dropped off enough to potentially cause unnecessary whinging from the younger members of the Rust clan.

Looking forward to (and hoping for) more opportunities in the coming weeks and months for more of the same 🙂