New car ordered….gulp…

Vicky has been on the search for about 5 months now, and has been all over the place with regards to what sort of car she wants when the BMW comes up for renewal in a couple of months.

The decision ultimately came to needing 4×4 for those few days that the roads here in Flockton get a little challenging, but also a car that can house all four of us plus the hounds. Ultimately it came down to the deal, and we have secured a terrific deal on this beauty…

Hopefully she will arrive during May so that the transition over from the BMW will be pretty seamless – the BMW needs to return to BMW at the beginning of June.

Of course Simon is already worried that one of the key use cases (carrying the dogs) will be denied due to dog hair in the car, but let’s wait and see….


London Trip

This morning, Elliot went off on a school trip with his year 6 pals for three days to London Town.

They have an action packed few days on plan although travelling by coach, so will take a while to get there and back.

Olly claims he won’t miss Elliot but that has already happened – although obviously Olly won’t agree to that 🙂

We hope Elliot has a ball and enjoys his time away. He took a camera to record his memories…

Kinda quiet in the house tonight….