Car battery – AGAIN today

Simon was woken by a text message and a follow up phone call from Land Rover this morning. Yes, Reggie (new name) has experienced yet another flat battery.

However, this morning’s was following the use of the automatic speed limiter function yesterday.

The AA guy managed to start it by using both his van AND the portable power supply – neither one of them alone was enough to fire the 6 cylinder diesel….

So, we are now pretty sure that the problem does indeed lie in the speed limiter function since Simon has not used it for the whole week until Saturday – then some 18 hours later, it died again. Coincidence? Thinkest I Not.

Reggie is booked in for the update of the two components that the LR assist guy mentioned last week so hopefully all will be sorted soon. This time, the car was trying to pull 4.5amps as soon as the car was opened – hence the problem was still occurring after the AA guy arrived – sadly an LR guy could not attend so we were not able to fully diagnose (that would have been the icing on the cake)

Another tree in the garden….

Simon got a call from a neighbour at around 5pm with the news that a tree in our garden has fallen into their driveway.

So that’s two trees in just 2 months 🙁

The wind was pretty high and it was a pretty significant part of the tree 🙁

How it fell and not damage either of our garages or land on one of our cars is a miracle..

Eddie (the neighbour) has a chain saw so quickly made light work of cutting it up and he was seemingly keen to keep the wood to burn in their wood burning stove – happy days 🙂

We will now need to keep an eye on the remainder of the tree to see if it shows signs of further collapse….

Colitis baby….

Yesterday morning we were woken by Eddie on around 5 episodes greeted with sick on the bedroom floor.

When we got up for work and school etc, he head downstairs and unloaded an ass full of blood 🙁

So, a trip to the vet showed that the poor sod is suffering from colitis 🙁

He has had an injection and has some tablets to take over the next few days.

He is still not really ready for his own food but is more than interested in our dinners (of course)

He is also still a finely tuned liquid manure shooting machine so we are sadly experiencing a couple of those accidents in the house 🙁

Hopefully this sorts itself out super quickly…. 💩

Windy day

Storm Erik has already unleashed a little havoc on us in Flockton – there was a cracking sound and then a whoosh and we found 30ft of tree collapsed in the back garden 🙁

Guess we have some firewood for a while…

The last image is just to get an idea of scale. We have been lucky that this fell this way – it could have heavily damaged the fence….