Heather’s Hen Weekend

Mummy is away this weekend in Oxfordshire on a narrow boat on the canal with Heather and the Hen team 🙂

The boys have collected daddy’s train tickets that he left behind in the station – thankfully somebody handed them in :-)), nipped up to IKEA to get a step for Olly to be able to get into his new bed without standing on either the drawer handles or shelves. Daddy put up the shelves in Olly’s bedroom, fixed the study door that wouldn’t latch easily and tried to sort the garage door that sticks – it needs a little taking off the bottom of the door to fully resolve.

We forgot to go to Martial Arts yesterday sadly and then today we have been swimming (they were learning to swim butterfly this am :-)), daddy has had a first go at cleaning the conservatory roof and has done all the bits that can be reached from ground level. The Traffic Film Remover did a terrific job of cutting the green off the roof but will need at least one more run over to fully cut it all out. This will have to wait until later in the spring when the step ladders can be used and will help us get all the roof panels cleaned up.

Last night daddy found all 98 episodes of “The A-Team” on NetFlix 🙂 oh my….

St Valentines Day by the sea

We got up and head out to Bridlington for the afternoon. Fish and Chips for lunch at a great little chippy near the sea front – Elliot’s choice and it was GOOD.

Then some fun in the amusement arcades around the promenade before getting our wellies on and taking a nice walk along the beach paddling in the sea.




It was cold in the wind but the sun came out to help make it a fun afternoon. Olly had a little power nap on the way home and the boys enjoyed a cheeky McDonalds on the way back to the house.

We definitely had a fun St Valentine’s Day this year and will be back on the coast soon.

Parents Evening…

Tonight was parents evening for BOTH boys at school – Oliver at 16:45 for 15 minutes and then Elliot from 17:15 for a similar 15 minutes.

They are both doing pretty well it seems although (not unexpectedly) Oliver continues to have attention challenges in class. He is apparently (and this we were worried about but it seems we have no reason to be) exceptionally well behaved in class and is as good as the perfect gent. This we were surprised about as we were worried that he would potentially be a disruptor in class. He clearly saves it all for us at home 🙁

Olly needs to pick up his game when it comes to writing as well as maths – he was struggling but has been popped in a lower group for maths and this has begun to have a positive impact. We will meet up with Mrs Chambers at the beginning of next term to review the situation and ensure that he is properly on the right tracks.

Elliot on the other hand has scored 100% in his spelling tests over the year so far, has really moved forward with regards to his grasp of English and is doing pretty well in maths finally 🙂 He is even playing well in groups at lunchtimes etc – something that we were pretty concerned about so this is great news.

So, overall, we are in a pretty good shape thankfully although we need to continue to work on Oliver’s focus and attention during class. We were considering dropping Martial Arts because of Olly’s inability to concentrate but this just reinforces the need for him to continue with his training as Brian, Tony and team are certainly helping Oliver with his attention and focus – basically we just need to continue through with it all.