Container fun

The container for garden tools etc was finally delivered this morning – was super interesting to watch it drop into place.

Now we have a task ahead of us to start moving the gear into it – also, we have a challenge that is we need to get some aggregate from somewhere to build up a ramp to make it easy to get the mower in and out etc.

Damned cars…..


So, this morning Vicky and Simon dropped the boys at school, nipped to Costa for breakfast before taking Ronnie to Landrover for an Ad Blue top up. While we were there, Simon got a new key for his car since the rubber was coming away – bargain at £9.85 👍

However, that is where the good news ends…..


we noticed a rather nice newer Range Rover on the way in at what looked like a great price. Dipshit, err, I mean Simon asked for the key to have a look. Fatal mistake……

You guessed it, we have a trade in happening and poor Penny will be off in search of new ownership…