Lee and Simon managed to squeeze in 9 holes of golf tonight – it was lovely to get out on the course and great to catch up with Lee 👌

There were a LOT of golfers on the course all playing in 2-balls and the course was in terrific shape considering the lack of rain over the last few months.

Hopefully we can get out again in the coming weeks 🤞

Escape Hunt…. at home…

This evening we bought Escape Hunt’s Murder at the Mansion – a play at home game for £14.99

It took a little while to setup as it was easier for us all to paw around printed materials rather than trying to move around the materials in the TV.

It took us a little over an hour to solve and we nailed it first time 👍

We really enjoyed it and had to work together to figure out who did it, where and with what weapon – kind of like Cluedo in a strange kind of way.

We are most definitely going to try the other ones – there are two others available and they are also £14.99 so a pretty cost effective evening’s entertainment.

HSBC win

When we finally got the boys setup with HSBC bank accounts last year, we couldn’t get a current account for Oliver because he was only 10.

Just last week we we’re talking about how painful it will be to get one arranged for him (as he is now at 11, old enough for the account ) given the measures in place due to Coronavirus.

All that was in vain as he got an email stating that his new debit card was on the way. It arrived this morning and lo they have automagically created an account for him and sent the card out to him. Brilliant automatic service that has him delighted and a small pressure off our to do list.


Office refurbishment

Simon has been working on the office over the last month or so during our lockdown – the plan was to convert the space into two offices where one of them could be a space for the kids to hang out or a gym.

At the moment, it is setup as two offices with a playseat and exercise bike in place until we figure out how we want to use it.

In short, there has been additional insulation applied to the external walls, network and power points put into the new office, plastered walls throughout, electric underfloor heating and a new laminate floor to finish it off. The flooring is setup to work with Alexa so we can ask her to set the temperature if we need to use the space etc.

See below for a couple of pictures to show how it is looking now.