Doggie shower

Yesterday, the plumber came by and installed our new doggie outdoor doggie shower so that we can wash the hounds without needing to use (and of course damage) our new bathroom.

The unit has hot and cold water so can quickly provide a nice warm shower outside the kitchen door.

We test drove it tonight after the dogs walk and they are both now relaxing in front of a nice roaring fire 🙂

Escape Hunt…. at home…

This evening we bought Escape Hunt’s Murder at the Mansion – a play at home game for £14.99

It took a little while to setup as it was easier for us all to paw around printed materials rather than trying to move around the materials in the TV.

It took us a little over an hour to solve and we nailed it first time 👍

We really enjoyed it and had to work together to figure out who did it, where and with what weapon – kind of like Cluedo in a strange kind of way.

We are most definitely going to try the other ones – there are two others available and they are also £14.99 so a pretty cost effective evening’s entertainment.

Yesterday Oliver was hung like a horse…..

We (Mum and Dad) we’re understandably stunned and immediately asked him to repeat what he said….

He did so the next question was, what do you mean, stifling our laughter as we did.

Oliver explained that he was so hungry that he could eat a horse – hence he was hung like a horse…..


He is now fully aware of what hung like a horse really means – embarrassed doesn’t quite cut how he was for the next few minutes….

A funny moment for us, that is for sure.

Big day today – the end of an Ossett era

Today is a big day for us – finally we have exchanged contracts on the sale of 3 Turner Close and we are expecting the cash transferring later today. It is a sad day in some respects as Turner Close is where we began our little family. but then it has been a long time in the actual selling process for one reason or another. Hopefully we will be celebrating later tonight.

The house is now emptied of all of our stuff, has been cleaned and is ready for a new family to make their own memories in the house.