Beamish Museum Day

Up early this morning and out to Beamish Museum to make the most of our annual passes 🙂

A truly terrific day was enjoyed by all in cold but lovely weather and we got to explore the parts of the museum that were closed in March when we were there last 🙂

A long way to drive but so worth it 🙂

Christmas has truly landed in Beamish already 🙂




The steam powered carousel was just incredible – only managed the one snap of it on the phone – see above.

Christmas Trees and Family

Today after Vicky had her hair cut etc, we head out to the Methley Christmas Tree Farm to select our number 1 Christmas Tree for ForkHall. We walked around for around 30 minutes much to the distaste of the boys (although they did enjoy budging around in the muddy tracks from the tractors) before giving in and selecting one of their pre cut trees – the ones they buy in rather than grow and cut down. It is a really good one although at £39 is significantly more expensive than the usual ones that we cut ourselves.

Anyway, here it is on the top of Emily – it is around 5 1/2 feet tall although this picture does not suggest it is more than about 4 feet…


So, the tree is sat in a stand in the conservatory having a large drink and getting used to the new home. We will keep feeding it water for a couple of days before dressing it in readiness for Christmas.

Therefore, we got the decorations out and put the new big tree (that Vicky bought in Costco a few weeks back) up in the lounge and popped the Disney decorations onto it. The lounge is transformed into a lovely Christmas scene and we just need a couple of four way power extension leads to setup Mickey’s Marching Band and the snow scenes and the room is all set.

We also need to look at getting the icicle lights sorted around the front of the house and see if we can set the automation system to drive the lights all properly.

Finally, James and aconite came round before we head out to the tree farm with your Felicity – as you would expect from having James and aconite as parents, the little mite was v content and seemed totally at peace just taking it all in – she also seemed like she could be hungry all of the time – again I think this comes from the parents 🙂 Great to see them doing so fabulously 🙂

Lonnnnnng journey home for daddy

Daddy got on the 7:52 train from London Kings Cross to Wakefield Kirkgate with a scheduled arrival of 9:50PM, but tonight sadly there has been an accident just South of Doncaster where a section of the overhead power cable has come down (onto a rain and apparently peeling a section of its roof off in the process 🙁 ) and rendered all northbound trains defunct.

The train is likely to be more than three hours delayed and the train has run dry….

At least it is a day off tomorrow so Costa can come to the rescue with some drugs to keep daddy awake – also known as two large Americanos please 🙂

3:30am was the final arrival time back at ForkHall – a whole 5 hours late 🙁

Christmas is coming

We are rapidly heading towards Christmas time – we have lots to do of course and work and school are simply getting in the way 🙂

Next weekend, mummy is having a haircut on Saturday morning and then once finished, we are heading over to the Christmas Tree farm in Methley to select and cut down our family tree 🙂 It will only be the 29th November but the next weekend will be well into December of course 🙁

We are also planning to head up to Beamish Museum to make the most of our season ticket that we purchased earlier in the year with the Drewetts 🙂