Mower is fixed…

…but am £150 lighter 🙁

Last weekend Simon hit a stone on the mower and one of the cutters broke off and damaged itself and the other 🙁 

Thankfully it seems it was a relatively easy solution to replace the broken bits and the mower was returned this lunchtime.

Hopefully it will dry up enough to cut the grass on Sunday 🙂

We also had another power cut in the garage this week so need to figure it out – thinking Simon did a poor job with the outside lights last year… 🙁

They are switched off for now and we can test later in the summer…

Home and back to it…. for five weeks…

A quick 2 hour flight and the four of us were returned to Manchester where we were greeted by a huge line waiting to pass through passport control / border security. Lots of families arrived into the airport from other countries at the same time and when the kids are under 12, all the family passports are checked manually…

Charlie was also waiting for us and was sparkling clean after the valet team had washed and vacuumed the car while we were in the sunshine 👌

Daddy has cut the grass at both Turner Close and Kirkby Grange Farm, so the places both look lived in again – both places were looking rather overgrown sadly – although it has highlighted the need for a strummer, so once we get the deposit for the rental car back (€1200, then an order will be placed 🙂

Elliot has finished his homework with some help from mummy as he needed to bake a cake for his Wednesday night series – it smells fantastic – sadly we won’t be testing it for him as it is going into school in the morning.

Daddy has a couple of weeks of UK only travel so no flights for a couple of weeks.

The sunglasses that daddy bought on the way out to Majorca broke on day 6, so he will be taking them back to the departure lounge in Manchester T1 to see if they will do anything about it – fingers crossed.

We had a terrific time and have taken lots of photos so will try too figure out how best to pop them up on here for all to see in the coming days. Stay tuned… Portugal in 5 weeks 🇵🇹 😊