PCR was positive

We are now in a holding pattern, hoping that The rest of us do not contract the virus. Elliot is now officially isolating until midnight on Sunday 31st October, so assuming that the three of us remain free of the virus, we will still be good to go on vacation on Monday, per our plan.

it also means that Elliot cannot go on the London trip this Friday – again assuming Oliver and Simon don’t test positive, then they can still go

UPDATE: Vicky, Simon and Oliver have all just posted negative lateral flow tests, so, so far so good 🙂 Fingers crossed for our daily tests until Monday….

COVID is back….

So, last night Elliot tested positive on the lateral flow test so he has been in first thing this morning for a PCR test. We await the results….

in the mean time, the household is on tenterhooks as we have a boys trip to London scheduled for Friday and a holiday to Centerparcs next week…. Eeek

So far he does have a temperature and some elements of a cough…. Hopefully he will be clear or it before Centerparcs….. fingers and toes crossed


It has only taken two months or so, but finally we have managed to get the large tank to cycle itself properly and the ammonia and nitrite levels are managing themselves.

So, this morning, Toshiko has finally been moved in to his proper home, rather than the temporary tanks that he has been surviving (and GROWING) in these last 6 or so weeks.

This will be slightly less stressful hopefully as it will take WAY longer for the levels to get out of control and this will require MUCH less water changes than we have so far experienced.