Ski lessons booked…. Gulp!

Daddy has got two three hour ski lessons booked in starting this coming Sunday evening – GULP!

Decided to go for two three hour sessions and then a final single hour session to get the 5 stages of the required certification. An eight hour single day gig was too frightening a prospect apparently…. Meow…

Let’s see if he damages himself….

Later today, over to the Alhambra to watch Jack and the Beanstalk 🙂 

Hokkaido night

Last night we went out with Martin, Tracy, Chris and Nic to the Japanese restaurant, Hokkaido in Wakefield – a really fun evening with friends and a novel dining experience with the food all cooked on a hot plate right in front of our eyes. It was a £45 per head gig including a good amount of drinks so not a super cheap meal, but then a really nice experience to boot. 

Don’t think We would return as just a couple as this is definitely a group experience. We all came out having enjoys the food and experience but we all agreed to still feeling a little hungry.

We have (or Vicky has) taken down all of the Christmas decorations and Simon has put them away for another year – just the outside lights to go but these can wait until just after the New Year.

Time to come home

It is Sunday morning and we are presently sat waiting for the coach to take us back to Kittila airport for the journey home.

We had a lovely Christmas party last night and got a final meeting with Santa where he delivered the first gift of Christmas to both boys – a lovely Lapland reindeer.

We didn’t manage to go swimming this morning as per ur loose plan as we enjoyed a nice lie in instead 🙂

The boys (specifically Olly) have rally missed little Hugo sop ar super excited to see him again – literally the hours cannot disappear quick enough…

It has been a wonderful few days despite the child rage and tears (mainly from the parents)