Happy Birthday Clare

Eventful week this week – first of all whoops…

Clare’s “23rd” birthday was this week on Thursday.  So we had a takeaway at their house on Thursday (the actual Birthday) night – Simon did fall asleep – sorry all.  But then we all went out to Bella Roma on Friday night and had a simply fabulous meal – possibly the best Italian meal we have had ever – service was fantastic and the food was top notch.  Even Greg managed to spill red wine on himself this time 🙁

Happy Birthday Clare!!

Weight going on :-)

The health visitor came by yesterday and weighed Elliot to find that he is finally putting the weight on – no surprise really as it is obvious if you have been with him that this is the case.  Anyway, he has put a whole pound and a half in just 2 weeks and is now weighing in at 10lbs 11oz.

We opened his first Bank account today and so any donations…….

Looking forward to a weekend of (hopefully) a bit of relaxing and putting the last few nights of little sleep behind us.  Only time will tell…….

Sleep be gone…

We seem to be going backwards with sleep patterns this week.  We have stopped having those wonderful 8 and 9 hour continual sleeps overnight, and have been promptly granted no more than 2 hours sleep in one go.  We do wonder whether Elliot has figured out that he cane demonstrate he IS the boss very simply and extremely efficiently.

The good news I guess is that we have a weekend coming up with no plans in it at all – maybe we will get the chance to catch up on some sleep and finally get the pram finished.

Big sleep

9 hours sleep last night – all in one go !!!!

Elliot has been in to the hospital today to have the scan done to determine the status of the cyst that was found at week 20 of the pregnancy.  The great news is that he has the all clear and the radiologist reports all is well and there is no trace of any cyst or that one was ever there.

Also today we nipped to the registry office and have finally got around to registering his birth – so he now has a birth certificate and I guess, he officially exists 🙂