Trashing the Christmas paper etc…

Wow – just spent 40 minutes waiting patiently outside the Ossett tip as the trucks shifted containers, drank tea and generally took their time 🙂

For the first time, the workers were actually stood in each of the containers actually sorting through the goods (or crap) that we were all taking in.  The busiest time of the year I guess for these guys 🙁

At least the job is done – that together with our sorting through the conservatory yesterday and culling some of the older toys in preparation for storing the new 🙂  LEGO is now 95% complete and in Elliot’s room in readiness for destruction and mummy has ordered the missing pieces from LEGO direct so they can be finished.

The Blue Ray player that FC brought for Elliot has been boxed and is heading back to FC as it does not play the blu ray discs sadly – DVD’s are OK.  Will have to replace with something hopefully a little smaller and that works with blu ray discs 🙂

We are heading do to the Reilly’s this afternoon for food, drinks are general merriment 🙂 Daddy found out that he has the driving to do – it is really heavily raining so walking is OUT of the question 🙁  Scrap that, Grandma just called offering taxi 🙂 YAY!

We will be looking to take the decorations etc down in the coming days – wish us luck – the boys will not be happy that their supply of chocolate will be disappearing….

Merry LEGO….

It was great to see Paula, Richard and Cayton today, although sadly Oliver has been having one of his temperature days 🙁 It turns out he has tonsillitis (more about this later though).  We stayed in rather than going out as we had initially planned – we think this suited all of the boys as it happens – Cayton certainly seemed to enjoy playing with the trains and it gave Elly and Olly a chance to get to grips with their new stuff

Mummy and Daddy have spent all afternoon re-building the older LEGO sets in a bid to reduce the mess and bring back to life some of the older stuff.  So far, we seem to be only missing a couple of pieces and we now have probably most of the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars2 sets in full build 🙂 Photo will be put up tomorrow when we have had a chance to re-check our stock 🙂

Following a whole day of strange temperatures and strange control – i.e. Calpol being able to manage his temperature but only for a couple of hours etc.  Calpol usually can’t fully control it and ibruprofen is required – not today.  Vicky ended up called NHS Direct for advice and they were keen to have Olly looked at tonight…..  The appointment was at 10:30 and the Calpol was just at it’s peak so he was mega chatty and fully OK i.e. 36.9 Celsius as opposed to the 40.5 Celsius that he had been just 2 hours earlier.  After a check over, it seems that our little mouse is actually suffering from tonsillitis, hence why he has not reacted as usual with the temperature spiking etc. We have antibiotics for the next few days (5 we believe) and so we are hoping that this helps clear it up for the little monke well in advance of the five days.

Elliot is A OK and has no symptoms which is nice.  He is just mega eager to get his hands on the LEGO Black Pearl that he received for Christmas.  Daddy is very nervous of this as it is very big with lots of small pieces that are going to be a PITA to put back together 🙁

Back in the gym in the morning for daddy…

Merry Christmas everybody

Wow – Boxing Day has been and almost passed – we have had a busy time and the boys have done particularly well this year it seems.

Captain ‘Elliot Jack’ Sparrow seems to be the hit of the year, whether it be the swords, the LEGO or the complete dressing up outfit 🙂

Captain Elliot Jack Sparrow

Even Olly is in for the game of playing pirates when Elly will let him (of course).  They both received some cool Pirates of the Caribbean outfits and accessories in Halifax today.  Have a feeling that Elliot will be sleeping in his outfit and almost certainly with a sword or two… :-s

Olly’s favourite present looks to be a miaowing pussy cat called Molly that he received from Grandma – saldy we have had to switch her off already at least twice as she insistently miaows and purrs regardless of whether you take any notice of her…. 🙁  Thomas the Tank Engine Hornby train also seems to be a significant hit, with daddy being shouted at for not letting Olly set it up tonight at home – he played with it in Halifax today.  We need to buy a board for it to be attached to properly etc and then it can be stores in the garage up against the roof or something.  It certainly took Simon back about 30 years playing with the Hornby trains today… 🙂

Olly has dealt with leaving his dummys for Father Christmas reasonably well – on Christmas Eve he placed them all in a bowl and put them under the tree before bed.  As he got into bed he had a small relapse when he decided that he needed the dummys back and that he was happy to not receive any presents from FC – this was the deal with Olly – leave your dummys under the tree for FC to take away and then he would get some presents the following morning.  We have now had a second night and we have done OK in fairness – tonight may be the biggest test as he has a temperature and has already required some ‘pink’ before his bath…. 🙁

Tomorrow we are spending the day with Paula, Richard and Cayton so that will be fun – we are proposing to head out to a play centre somewhere and then grab a bite fo lunch 🙂