Merry LEGO….

It was great to see Paula, Richard and Cayton today, although sadly Oliver has been having one of his temperature days 🙁 It turns out he has tonsillitis (more about this later though).  We stayed in rather than going out as we had initially planned – we think this suited all of the boys as it happens – Cayton certainly seemed to enjoy playing with the trains and it gave Elly and Olly a chance to get to grips with their new stuff

Mummy and Daddy have spent all afternoon re-building the older LEGO sets in a bid to reduce the mess and bring back to life some of the older stuff.  So far, we seem to be only missing a couple of pieces and we now have probably most of the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars2 sets in full build 🙂 Photo will be put up tomorrow when we have had a chance to re-check our stock 🙂

Following a whole day of strange temperatures and strange control – i.e. Calpol being able to manage his temperature but only for a couple of hours etc.  Calpol usually can’t fully control it and ibruprofen is required – not today.  Vicky ended up called NHS Direct for advice and they were keen to have Olly looked at tonight…..  The appointment was at 10:30 and the Calpol was just at it’s peak so he was mega chatty and fully OK i.e. 36.9 Celsius as opposed to the 40.5 Celsius that he had been just 2 hours earlier.  After a check over, it seems that our little mouse is actually suffering from tonsillitis, hence why he has not reacted as usual with the temperature spiking etc. We have antibiotics for the next few days (5 we believe) and so we are hoping that this helps clear it up for the little monke well in advance of the five days.

Elliot is A OK and has no symptoms which is nice.  He is just mega eager to get his hands on the LEGO Black Pearl that he received for Christmas.  Daddy is very nervous of this as it is very big with lots of small pieces that are going to be a PITA to put back together 🙁

Back in the gym in the morning for daddy…

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