Trashing the Christmas paper etc…

Wow – just spent 40 minutes waiting patiently outside the Ossett tip as the trucks shifted containers, drank tea and generally took their time 🙂

For the first time, the workers were actually stood in each of the containers actually sorting through the goods (or crap) that we were all taking in.  The busiest time of the year I guess for these guys 🙁

At least the job is done – that together with our sorting through the conservatory yesterday and culling some of the older toys in preparation for storing the new 🙂  LEGO is now 95% complete and in Elliot’s room in readiness for destruction and mummy has ordered the missing pieces from LEGO direct so they can be finished.

The Blue Ray player that FC brought for Elliot has been boxed and is heading back to FC as it does not play the blu ray discs sadly – DVD’s are OK.  Will have to replace with something hopefully a little smaller and that works with blu ray discs 🙂

We are heading do to the Reilly’s this afternoon for food, drinks are general merriment 🙂 Daddy found out that he has the driving to do – it is really heavily raining so walking is OUT of the question 🙁  Scrap that, Grandma just called offering taxi 🙂 YAY!

We will be looking to take the decorations etc down in the coming days – wish us luck – the boys will not be happy that their supply of chocolate will be disappearing….

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