Great weekend – and we still have a day to go :-)

We went to Gilroy Gardens yesterday – a sort of mix of Alton Towers and Disneyland for families with children under 12.  The weather was hot – not seen a blue sky that was quite so vivid for a long time, and 30+ degrees Celsius really helped as well 🙂 There are some photos in the gallery…

We bought tickets that mean that we can go back as many times as we want for the rest of the year – tickets we 70USD each and we didn’t need to buy one for Olly – too young to need one 🙂 Did we have fun? Ask the little one in the new wheels….

We went with new friends, Amy, Jason and their 3 year old, Charlotte.  We seem to (OK so Simon) have not offended them, since they came back to ours for a curry for tea, and Elliot and Charlotte played for about 3 hours.  They had a great time – in fact little Charlotte was none to keen on going home, as she didn’t want to leave her new friend 🙂  Elliot even offered her a cuddle as they left ….. wow !

The today (Sunday) we got up, gave the boys their breakfast and then saddled up on the bikes and cycled to Hobees restaurant for bunch.  We established on the journey (approx 3.5 miles) that Vicky’s bike, while pretty, is short of gears (only has 3) and the back-pedal brakes are less useful on downhill races.  Following a fab brunch, we head out and down the Los Gatos Creek Trail into Vasona Park, where we stopped for a short play on the climbing frames, and then on again down the trail and back to the house.  The total journey was just under 8 miles we believe and took us under 4 hours including the two stops.  An Olly actually fell asleep between the park and home so we guess it must be pretty comfortable in there 🙂

We are strangely looking forward to more similar bodily punishment later in the week.

We used the trailer as a pushchair around Gilroy Gardens yesterday, and it is MUCH easier to push than he existing Jane pushchair that we have – obviously it is larger but is around the same weight.  It is a bit more painful to get in the car as the wheels have to come off and it fills the boot space in the X5.

Tomorrow we are heading to a park in Saratoga for a BBQ for lunch with the “Brit mums” group – we are hoping for good weather again – the last two days have been in the 80’s and we have not seen clouds 🙂

We relented and bought a printer

We decided that we can’t cope without printed materials in the house, so have purchased a all in one inkjet printer from Epson – wireless as well – which is nice 🙂

Oliver would not fill with food tonight – we went out to the Black Angus Steakhouse – he ate his dinner, a bit of Elliot’s dinner and a lot of mummies dinner…. He would appear to have got his appetite back 🙂

We are starting the Memorial weekend (that’s right folks, it is NOT a Spring Bank Holiday weekend) by heading to the Gilroy Park with some new friends that Vicky and the boys have been spending some time with.

Then we are heading to Hobbies for breakfast on Sunday 🙂

And we have a BBQ in a park in Saratoga on Monday 🙂

Ace weekend coming up – hopefully we will get some cycling in as well 🙂

Bank Holiday weekend beckons…

Daddy has been in Houston, Texas this week – apparently it was 95 degrees F, and every time he stepped outside, if felt like he was stepping into an oven… 🙂 Accordingly it will be just as bad, erm, good in Florida – only 10 days to go…..

We have ordered (and now received) our HD DVR – Sky HD for the UK readers – it is now installed and operational so we can now record TV shows while we are not here – all for $15 per month – bargain.  We obviously now need a new TV to go with it – then we can move the existing TV down into the lounge area so that we can relax down there once the kids are in bed etc.

We have also taken delivery of Olly’s new pushchair – this is the one that converts into a car seat that is allowed on planes etc – should make life a bit easier when travelling – will be testing it out in the next couple of weeks 🙂

Got a long weekend ahead of us this weekend – Memorial Day.  Hopefully the weather will improve and the rain will go away – then we can get out on the bikes – with Daddy being away this week, we have not used them since we picked them up last week – got to make sure that they don’t continue being nice things that decorate the inside of the garage.

Sat watching Transformers in HD so time to go….. 🙂

Another weekend gone…

We were out for BBQ on Saturday, and to the beach today and the weekend has just vanished on us 🙁

We had a couple of guys come round this morning to help lift the wardrobes etc into Olly’s room.  Simon has fitted the feet on them etc and fixed the door that he broke, and now all Olly’s gear is finally in his room.

Just got to get rid of the 4 pallets and the pile of packaging that was wrapped around all our gear.  We have no idea presently how we should rid ourselve3s of the crap, so are hoping that the lads that came around to help shift the wardrobes will come back to us with details of how to get rid of the stuff.  Failing this, Simon will be busy searching for a dump site next weekend….

Another weekend – and we have bikes :-)

Wow, another weekend has caught us up 🙂

We collected the bikes and bike trailer last night.  We walked the 1.5 miles to the bike shop so we could ride back 🙂  Elliot’s legs soon “ran out of petrol” and he requested a carry 🙂  V funny – Simon recalls having “poorly yegs” but don’t recall having fuelling issues 🙂

The boys creamed with delight on the way home in their new chariot – let’s just hope they continue to enjoy it they way they did on the short journey home 🙂  It seems their early gripes are surrounding the safety helmets that they must wear – I guess they will get used to them 🙂

We have a feature packed weekend that began with Simon nipping out to have both cars washed this morning before the boys etc were out of bed – job 1, done 🙂

Hopefully we will get out for a ride on the bikes later this morning and then we are going out for a BBQ at a colleagues of Simon’s this afternoon and then are going tomorrow to another colleagues in Half Mon Bay – nice small ocean front town.  Elliot and Olly will get the opportunity to play on the beach etc assuming that the weather is up to it.

This week has been mostly sunny but the temperature has rarely increased above 18 degrees celcius.  Not bad, but then consider it has been 25 degrees most days back on Yorkshire….. 🙁

We have now got our flights to and from the UK sorted up until Easter 2011 – thanks for the help Claire 🙂