Vertically challenged

Last week we noticed that the bushes to the garden shed were no longer high enough to walk under. It transpires that the wall between our garden and next door had collapsed… 🙁

The gardener removed the shrubbery so that we could inspect the damage and once it was removed, we saw…

It would appear that the neighbours have very recently been pruning back the bushes just over the other side of the wall – so it stands to reason that maybe somebody leant against the wall and….

However it happened, clearly it was not very stable and we need to get it rebuilt and strengthened…

To iPhone or not to iPhone….

Elliot’s iPhone 6 is dead in that it no longer works as a phone – the phone part is simply BF’d 🙁

So, for his birthday, we agreed to upgrade his phone so he is now the proud owner of a shiny new Apple iPhone 8 in red.

The deal with 3 was really rather good so for £50 down and £42 a month we have all you can eat everything – feels like it makes a mockery of Simon’s SIM only £30 a month….

He is of course busy sorting all the apps that he needs.

Olly is similarly pleased as it has effectively supplied him with an upgrade from the old iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6.

Also, Simon has an appointment for next weekend to have a new battery installed by Apple in his phone so that should give it an extra lease of life until the new phones are available 😉