Another week begins

We saw or felt rather the temperature rise to around 94 or 96 degrees yesterday.

We were out on the bikes when it was approximately 88 degrees and Simon definitely felt it, given that he tows both boys in the trailer… It genuinely felt like there were a couple of additional rocks in the trailer from the last time we were out – if this is a sign of a fitness challenge, then Simon has a LOOOONNNNG way to go unfortunately.

Then to top it all, when we got home little Olly was asleep in the trailer, but had delivered a sleep crap – it had unfortunately decided that it was not to be contained by his nappy – oh yes readers, it had escaped down his right leg and transferred onto the seating in the trailer 🙁  Not only this but given the temperature, it was super heated…..

We are fast chasing the guys back in the UK with the weather now – since we have returned to CA from FL, we have found it to be over 80 degrees every day, with little clouds on any day.  Typical that the summer that we chose to leave the UK is the best summer in the UK in as many years as we can all remember 🙁

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