Last day in Orlando, viva Las Vegas

Yesterday was our last FULL day in Orlando and we spent it in style – the whole day in the Disney Animal Kingdom Park.  The sun was late in arriving which gave us the opportunity to enjoy the park without sweating our cobs off.  The Everest ride was simply awesome – Vicky, Becca  and Simon had a ball on the ride – the FASTPASS situation helped save a massive queue – simply put your ticket in, get a return time and get straight on – nice 🙂

Elliot slept for what seemed like the first half of the day so missed a few things, but was awake for the Disney Parade through the park – he was dancing and clapping and laughing at the characters as they came by.  He was also awake for the journey on the back of a large truck around the animal areas – we all saw Lions, Elephants, Hippos and the like – all Elliot saw was the pretty girl sat next to him and mummy – he was just playing the little shy boy with her the whole trip – little monkey…..

We are currently packing our bags ready for the journey up to Vegas, and have found that we need a new bag – we will be heading out to find a suitable item tres soon…

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