The last few days…

Yesterday we visited Busch Gardens in Tampa ( – it was a really cool day – we started off with the railway journey around the park where Elliot got to see Zebras, Elephants, Rhynos, Pelicans, Hyenas and other small African animals etc.  After the ride we saw the Elephants again – Elliot was awe-inspired – wait for the video and you’ll see what we mean….

It got to around 40-42 degrees Celsius on the day so we absolutely sweltered and drank what felt like a couple of gallons of liquid each.  Elliot drank more than Vicky and Simon put together !!!!

Then today, we have been to Wet and Wild water park in Orlando – we were actually rained off this evening but still managed to have a great time.  Elliot has found water slides and loved going on the little (8ft) slide.  The Becca took him on the longer slide – she was told off because two people are not allowed to ride together – so we let him go solo.  Again he loved it – Granddad caught him just before he reached the pool at the bottom – amazing that a one year old cannot slide with a responsible other, BUT CAN go on the slide on their own …..

Don’t worry we only let him have one go – we’re not totally irresponsible..

Tomorrow – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park – bring it on….

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