School Parents Evening

Last night was the first chance for a formal conversation with the teachers at school about how the boys are settling in within their new year groups.

We were somewhat dreading Oliver’s review as his attitude of late at home has been particularly poor – however, we were delighted to hear of his progress in the classroom, and with the usual issues of carpet time listening when sat with certain friends, he is doing really, really well. There is a suggestion that maybe he is struggling with his eye sight, so we are going to get him (well, both of them actually) in for a test in the next few days / week.

Elliot on the other hand is handling year 4 really well and Miss Dix has even suggested that he may not require the extra time out with the Talking House company – we did wonder the same so we are therefore going to take a term out and see how he gets on without it.

All in all, we are very pleased with the progress from the first month in – well done boys – keep it up.

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