We are staying in a lovely resort to the North East of the island called Cala Mesquida – sadly we encountered rain yesterday morning so decided to head out to Alcudia on a little road trip and wow – what a beautiful place Alcudia Old Town is…

We stayed for a lovely dinner in a small restaurant with seating on a walkway so we could watch the world go by. Alcudia seems to have many more English voices than we have heard elsewhere – mainly German in the resort and nearby locations it seems.

We enjoyed an ice cream on the way back to the car and Olly has a slush puppy (or a Spanish equivalent) that he promptly threw away – accordingly it was not a great equivalent…

We saw these a couple of nights ago in Cala Agulla – can be rented for €25 – sadly Olly doesn’t have a driving license so can’t get in one..

Finally, the poor little monkey has been up a few times in the night vomiting 🙁 so the beach day today has turned into a relaxing room day it seems.

Hopefully he is back to usual soon, oh and that none of the rest of us get the bug too….

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