Shopping @ Meadow Hall in Sheffield today in search of some new gear for Vicky – typically we came away with a pile of shirts for Simon and Vicky only found a couple of things.  Isn’t that just the way it always works – if you go in search of something, nothing is there, but when you not looking, stuff falls out on you 🙂

Then when we got home, we were in the front garden and Elliot fell forwards and cut his lip on his bottom teeth – he almost immediately decided Mummy was the only option and we have then had an afternoon where he has pretty much felt really sorry for himself.  We think that the 5 (or so) teeth that look as though they are heading down through his gums were painful but he could live with those.  But then, the new cut lip just pushed the pain threshold too far – hence he is not prepared to eat anything – including the usual scooby snacks of raisins and even, believe it or not, crisps.  So now we know the little guy is not well.

Grandma Rust came round to see Elly this afternoon and stayed for tea.  Elly was allowed to stay up late to play with Grandma since it is not a school night.  Mummy went out for tea with Auntie Kerrie and was brave enough to take Daddies car….

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