Poor week holiday :-(

Well, we got off to the lakes last Tuesday and arrived around 2:30pm, unpacked the car and at 3:15pm decided to nip to Hayes Garden Centre for some bits and pieces.  Simon managed to get down from the deck and get onto the patio, before losing his footing and twisting his ankle down a small 4inch by 2 inch gap (wearing sandals) – the result – one badly (or so he says) twisted ankle, a small baby who was somehow NOT dropped and a problem for the week – Simon unable to walk and hence the holiday may not be much fun.

To cap it all nicely, the family got a lovely dose of sickness and diahorrea 🙁 We spent the whole week in and out of the bathroom and having to listen to Rusty whinge about his ankle 🙁

Then, as it (the ankle) was getting better, Simon and Vicky decided to take the dogs out for a walk (Saturday night) – that turned out to be a great idea – Simon went over on the damned ankle again trying to stop Pepsi and Max from running off to visit another dog 🙁

Anyway, we are back in Ossett, Simon still whining about his ankle but fortunately no more trots 🙂 Hopefully our next holiday will be full of fun 🙂

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