Had to happen sooner or later

We took a walk down to Vicky’s mum’s today to have an outdoor grill – Simon thought it a good idea to carry Elliot down in the carrier – boy would that soon be a  bad idea. We called in on Clare et family to see how Tyler getting on – he has spent a few days in hospital over the past 2 weeks with breathing issues but generally seems on the mend although currently Clare and Frank are fighting with his temperature – up a lot and then OK for a while etc – no sleep for them currently 🙁

Anyway, been @ Greg and Sue’s for about 30 minutes and Simon and Elliot had been walking around the garden as Elliot seemed pretty keen to go to sleep. After 20 minutes, it seemed like sleep was not forthcoming, so they came inside and sat down.  Sue wandered through and noticed what looked like sick on the floor leading to where Simon was sat (Elliot still in the carrier on Simon’s back). Closer inspection showed no evidence of Elliot being sick (and Simon didn’t own up to it either), so for some reason Simon reached back to check Elliot’s feet and as his had touched Elliot’s leg, a warm sticky sensation made it’s way onto the sensors on Simon’s fingers. Making matters worse, Simon withdrew the hand and “naturally” (apparently) went to smell the substance – for confirmation apparently.  You guessed it, diahorrea had escaped the shorts and made it’s way down Elliots’ leg and out the bottom, down Simon’s legs and into his shoes – also, a nice pile had formed around where Simon was sat – GREAT.

Anyway, since then we have not had a re-occurrence so are hopeful that Elliot does not have any issues and he seemed to think the whole affair funny for some reason………. Strange that everyone else was laughing also…….. Well almost everybody 🙂

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