Goodbye Tina, we had a blast….

So, Aston Martin ownership is now over – Tina has moved on to her next keeper who will hopefully look after her as we have done.

Sam (guy we bought her from last year) ended up selling her on our behalf given he has background and a good name in the AM used car industry.

She was an extravagance that I am disappointed we didn’t make more use of – we covered just 1,200 miles in the 12 months of ownership although I am pleased to have a bit of garage space back.

We are awaiting the cash coming in from the sale and then the boys (waited very patiently) are to be treated to a small trip to Toys R Us possibly at the weekend.

Looking forward to another milestone in the coming years where we will be able to get back onto the marque that is Aston Martin and next time, we’ll make more use of the journey 🙂

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