Pepsi & Max on new dinner routine :-)

Following a couple of stomach issues for Pepsi – being sick just before his dinner in the evening – we think his stomach was empty and hence it caused sickness.

SO – we decided to move them both onto three meals a day instead of two – initially they both clearly thought they had WON – i.e. “ha, we are getting fed three times a day now – been telling you for 10 years to feed us more often”.  Soon it dawned on them that while they are getting fed three times, the portions are smaller – hence similar (so perhaps a little more) quantity but spread out better over the day….

They are back to not being happy again – Max seems to be forever trying it on to get fed again 🙂

They’ll get used to it.

Pepsi was at the Vet on Friday last week for a check-up and Margaret was delighted with his progress.  We agreed that he seems to have more lives than the average cat 🙂

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