Couple of days off – relaxing :-)

The electrician came on Wednesday and fitted a new RCD – hopefully this will solve the power tripping several times a night.  Time will tell but here we are, 3 days later and we have had no issues thus far – keep the fingers crossed.

Simon has fitted electrics over to the gazebo so we are now all set for the Christmas lights in 5 weeks !!! So, we need to source some good lights now – may have found some at Costco but we’ll see.

We have also stripped out the furniture from the 3rd bedroom ready to start to migrate Elliot’s gear into it – it will ultimately be his bedroom.  So the garage is now half full of the cabinets etc – think Vicky will try to sell it on eBay.  We also bought a bright red sports car bed – so we have built it up and it looks awesome – just need a mattress and some bedding for it.  Suspect that once this is in place, he will be wanting to move in ASAP 🙂

Downside – the guest room is now full of stuff that was in the wardrobes etc, and we have many bin liners full of stuff to make its way to the tip / recycle centre.

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