Worry ye not

We had a little bleed on Sunday, which while not huge was enough to worry us somewhat.  Vicky spoke to the midwife on Monday morning, got in front of a doctor and was booked in for a scan on Weds AM.  Simon couldn’t make it due to not being able to remove himself from a pretty important meeting at the office so Clare thankfully stood up to the plate to go with Vicky.

Turns out all is well and no issues can be found (great news !!) with the little monkey dancing around like crazy in there, so much that the scanner was really struggling to get a good still image for us.  Apparently bump is already 5.5 cms in length from head to bum !!

Will try to get the image scanned an popped online for those who are interested.

On less important news, Simon decided to have a pop at bidding on ebay rather than simply buy it now type stuff.  Great call, 6 bids, and 6 wins….. So he now has some stuff to sell probably…

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