Weekend fun at the Railway Museum

So, yesterday we decided to take Elliot to the National Railway Museum in York, thinking that he would love to see the trains up close and personal.  Turned out to be a mistake – the little fella was just not up for wandering round looking at the trains – we think maybe he thought that go to see some trains meant some little ones that he could play with 🙁  So we were there all of 45 minutes before we gave up as a bad job.

The electrician found that there is indeed a fault in the power here at home – apparently the RCD is faulty and clicks out on less than half loading.  Not sure when they will get round to fixing it, although we had received no problems with it until 04:25 this morning – Simon had to get up to reset it – grrr!

Sun is shining today so we went to Cannon Hall to play out and feed some farm animals.  Elliot has apparently only been twice before, yet he seemed to know exactly where the cows, sheep and pigs were !!! Elliot really seemed to enjoy feeding the animals by hand – he is 100% not frightened of them.  The pigs seems to be his current favourite animal – he was keen to just shout at them – he even had a 2 minute conversation with a particularly big one – snorting at it – the crazy thing is, the damned pig snorted back – it went on for a couple of minutes !!!

He went to bed a very tired little boy tonight….

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