The struggle for power…

So we took the plunge and decided to put the under floor heating on in the conservatory and to leave it on to moderate itself.  The result? Well it was switched on on Thursday, we had one cut out of power overnight on Friday morning, then another @ 1:15am Saturday morning, then another at 6:04 later the same morning, and then 6 more before 1am on Sunday morning.  Needless to say we are not happy.

Along the way we (now) have a broken toaster (not sure if related yet) and a lot of lost hair.  Simon has been systematically switching things back on and leaving for a couple of hours to test out if they are the guilty item.  Thus far we have drawn a bit of a blank however the one thing that is definitely different is that the conservatory has been added and the guys who fitted it hooked into the existing downstairs sockets ring main.  We believe that the 3kW pull from the flooring (yes, it seems to cost roughly 35 pence per hour when it is heating the floor) is causing the surge which the fuse box is saying, “NO WAY” to – the result is that the circuit jumps knocking the upstairs lights and all sockets around the house out.  Handy that the downstairs lights are OK – makes it sooo much easier to reset the damned thing at the crazy times in the night that it has tripped.  Yes, that is right, the bugger is tripping during the night when there is very little else going on within the house electrically.

The conservatory company are sending their electrician on Wednesday this week but have not been appraised of our current tripping issue (yet).

Thankfully, they have now got everything else sorted out pretty much to our satisfaction, so once this last piece is dealt with, the episode of our life will be over and we can begin to enjoy life again.

Next week – well part will be getting this electrician in to see if he/she can find the problem and otherwise, well, we have our first visit to the surgery regarding Emelia, so that’s pretty exciting !!

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