WOWEE – it’s COLD !!!! brrrr

Whoa – last week was so mild and yesterday began to get colder – wow – just been out for a walk with Olly and it has definitely chilled us all to the bone 🙁

We went out for dinner last night with Pembo to celebrate his birthday from earlier in the week.  The kids had fun as they took iPads and iPhones so they were entertained nicely.  We ate at a Harvester pub / restaurant near the White Rose Shopping Centre where they have a terrific menu.  It somewhat reminded Simon of “The Counter” in San Jose as the menu was a case of selecting what meat etc you wanted as the basis for the meal, and then add on things like fries / jacket potato, and then on for the sauce you wanted and then onto optional extras such as onion rings and salads etc.  It was let down a little by the fact that it took over 1hour to deliver the meal 🙁 The kids were starving and had filled up on bread and pasta from the salad bar 🙁  Thankfully the aforementioned Apple products dealt with the boredom aspects rather nicely 🙂

We are hoping to see the house bathroom completed today and then work can commence on the downstairs toilet and hopefully the kitchen will get closer.  Wait until later to see the end of Day 6 photos….. 🙂

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