Day 7 – end of play photos…

Well, we now have a fully ripped out downstairs bathroom that is now ready for tiling 🙂

The kitchen is progressing nicely although you will need to look VERY closely to see the differences – basically the kick boards and plinths above the upper cupboards.  Also, the top doors are on the frideg surround although the supplier sent the wrong doors for the bottom for the second time 🙁  Finally, 4 of the 6 under counter lights are fitted and operational 🙂 Just to figure out how to get a better switch as the one that has been put in leaves a lot to be desired sadly…


Day 7 - Kitchen #1

Day 7 - Kitchen #2


Day 7 - Utility

Ground Floor Bathroom:Day 7 - Ground Floor BathroomHouse Bathroom:

Day 7 - House Bathroom #1

Day 7 - House Bathroom #2


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