Another weekend bites the dust !

Amazing just how quickly time is passing us by.

We have been out bowling today with David, Julie and Abbie – Simon’s idea and he is definitely suffering as a result – not really sure what he was thinking – he is only just getting to be comfortable and he decides to risk it.

Risk it he did, and split the wound open he also did 🙁  He probably won’t be making smart suggestions again for a little while.

So the pain that he claims to have been in for the last ten days (apparently like the aftershock of taking a kick in the pills) has all but gone, only to be replaced with the pain involved in splitting the incision open.

With a little luck, this wound will fix itself in the next couple of days and he will be fighting fit again v soon.

In fairness, he has to be since he is heading out to San Francisco next Sunday for a week to do some work stuff and to spend a day having a quick look around.

The plan as we have worked out this weekend, is to go out for a family vacation in early February to figure out where we would live etc if we were to head out there.  Hopefully this week will help rule in / out areas based on a quick visit from Simon.

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