Vicky NOT happy :-(

Apparently Simon has NOT been in ANYWHERE near enough pain, his undercarriage has NOT swollen or bruised anything like it should have done, and the scar is tiny – not enough all round it seems !!!

Typical – there is NO pleasing some folks – even if they do appear to be in search of some retribution for something 🙁

This all being said, Vicky has pretty much done everything in the house for the last few days while lazy arse has had his feet up – “because the doctor said he had to” – y right – funny how nobody else was allowed to listen in to that piece of advice….

Taking it easy again today – might be the last day of relaxing before back to the grind 🙂

24hours later – so far so good

Still got the dull ache and specifically when stood up – there’s an easy solution to that – stay lying down 🙂

Kind of irritating not being able to get around, but sure it will be all done and all back to normal in another day or so 🙂

Elliot is being very understanding and has offered to be daddies doctor, but strangely has now also got pain in the plums and willy 🙁  Fortunately his “pain” seems to vanish quickly enough 🙂

Job done…

So the job is done, and Simon is sat in the lounge with his feet up and the whining has not yet started 🙂

The procedure took all of 15 minutes and it was the waiting around that took the time.

Given it was in Manchester, the journey home felt like the longest Manchester to home journey we have EVER done 🙁

So far, it just feels like the aftershock pain involved when a guy has taken a kick in the tools.

Only time will tell now….

BIG day tomorrow – wish him luck :-)

Tomorrow is Simon’s BIG day – he has a “small procedure” booked in the afternoon where some doctor is going to take a small scalpel and a soldering iron to his nadgers 🙁 Apparently it ‘only’ takes 10 minutes and is a swift slice with the knife and melting the, sorry SEALING the tubes….. gulp.

Then just 48 hours of rest and all will be OK – apparently no stitches are required – just a little super glue and job will be a good ‘un.

One of the responses from one of the guys @ Simon’s work is simply genius – his response to the whole things was simply “Dude, what’s the problem, it’s only your NUTS!”  He found it considerably funnier than Simon, let me tell you.

Oh well ,this time tomorrow all will be sorted and Simon will have his feet up demanding, err asking Vicky for another drink and to switch the television station over, and to fluff the pillow again please 🙂

Wish him luck…..

California anyone?

Given the opportunity to live and work in California for a few years – would YOU take it?

We are in a conundrum where Simon has been asked to consider moving out to California for a few years – obviously to take the family with him.  We have a BIG decision in our hands here – the boys are arguably the perfect age to do it, the location out there could be argued as the most interesting place to live in the world…..

We have much to think about here – like which V8 do we need to drive…. seriously, we have a few weeks to figure out what it will cost to live, what standard of living we need to expect, and what the schooling will be like for Elliot – since he will likely start school out there :-).  We of course need to figure out how we deal with the dogs and the house while we are not here….

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us via email or the Feedback pages.