Another weekend kicks the dust :-(

So, it is already 5pm on Sunday night…. 🙁

The weekend has literally shot by without us realising – back to school and work in the morning…

Saturday was spent getting the new TV cabinet (in the bedroom) setup with Gigabit networking (took some doing as the cable that was already there clearly had a split inside itself somewhere as it just would not connect up, no matter how daddy tried – a trip to Maplin and a 25M Cat6 cable fixed the issue 🙂 ) for the AppleTV and mummy baked some buns for Cayton’s 5th birthday party in York today.

So, that covers today for you – we hopped over to Vue in York to watch The Smurfs 2 (a great film even for the kidults 🙂 ) and then to Frankie and Benny’s for a little Birthday lunch.

Homework for both boys when we got in and now tea time and bags packing for tomorrow….

Junior School Book Fair

Might have known that Elliot would have jumped at the chance to buy a Minecraft book at the school book fair last week…. Seems that the boys were all interested in this particular book. To top it all, it has gone EVERYWHERE with him since purchase last week – including to bed every night 🙂

The question is how to get this level of motivation from more educational work… 🙂

World Record Holders :-)

Today we all head over to Stockeld Park near Wetherby with some of Oliver’s school friends to participate in a Guiness World Record attempt – to have the most Elves in one place.

The previous record was 750 Elves.

Today we helped get to 1,116 Elves in Stockeld Park 🙂

Check out our little Elves before we went to join the BIG group…


After the World Record Breaking, we found a face painter and check out who had his done…. Father Christmas is among us 🙂