Fun and games at bedtime…

Ever since Sunday night we have begun a battle at bed time – i.e. Elliot knows that he can simply climb out of bed and wander back out of his room.  OK, so the safety gate prevents him from escaping his room (presently) but does not prevent him from screaming downstairs for somebody to release him from the confines of his bedroom.  last night was a better night where he only required asking twice to stop screaming and that relaxing was required in order to look forwards to a great new day tomorrow – OK, so he didn’t really care about any of that but at least the screaming was reduced to whinging.

What we now know is that while he can get out of bed, he has not yet figured how he gets back in again to go to sleep – so last night he was found scrunched up cuddling his blanket (sorry, ba bye) asleep on the floor by his wardrobes (next the the radiator).  It has been since pointed out that if the baby is found cuddling up to the radiator, then maybe, just maybe we should have the heating on 🙂 Great comment and almost funny….

So, we picked him up, popped him back in his cot and away we go.  Question now is, how we train him how to get back in to bed….

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