The little monkey can get out of his cot…

It was Saturday, 7:58am and we were in bed wishing for more time before we had to get up – not today the decorator was coming and we still needed to get the rooms ready 🙁

Elliot could be heard through the monitor chattering away to himself in his room.

Then he said very clearly “Mama, Dada” – this time it seemed awfully close, as if he were in the same room as us – we looked up and….. oh my …. he WAS in the same room as us.  Stunned we put him back in the cot (not to his pleasure, believe me…) to see if he would show us how he got out – no worries, he delivered a stunningly quick demo and ran off down the corridor laughing to himself….

OK, so we have now taken the cot apart and removed one side from it, and replaced it with a little Tomy guard that is to prevent him from falling out of bed at night while he sleeps.  This way he can get out without actually hurting himself – not that he did on either of the goes he had thus far, but you know how it is – next time will be the time the head lands first….. 🙁

OK, so the lounge is now decorated with a “feature wall” as Vicky continues to call it – it looks fab, with just one issue – the curtains now looks like they match as well as curtains in a students house 🙁 New curtains are now being researched – Simon wonders whether the curtains had already been ordered and the “oh, it doesn’t really look good does it” had been a well rehearsed sales pitch…..

And for those who know the deckit man – Jack (the decorator) was a less lardy version of the famous deckit man of 25+ years ago….

STOP PRESS – while Simon has been writing this blog, Elliot has half emptied a carton of talcum powder over himself and in a comedy way – the dog 🙂 Laugh, Simon just nigh on wet himself with laughter – very very funny sight – don’t think that the pictures will look close to being as funny as the real sight was…

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