Congratulations Mr and Mrs Reilly

The big day has finally arrived – and the weather is B E A Utiful.

Wishing you both a WONDERFUL day.

Messages from the two Princesses:

Congratulations Mum and Dad the day we have all been waiting for is here GOOD LUCK ‘xox

have a great day hope you have fun i can not believe  that the day has come good luck!!!!!!!!

And here is a photo from the magical day :

Happy Birthday Daddy

Simon has taken another day off to celebrate his birthday with Vicky and Elliot.

The sun shines again – two days in a row – something feels not quite right – lets hope it stays until at least the end of tomorrow so Clare and Frank have sunshine on their big day.

Well, Elliot bought daddy a Sony PS3 for his birthday – how lucky is Simon then ?  The games list is strong right off the bat – GTA IV, Gran Turismo 5, Juiced 2 and Call of Duty 4 – awesome.  Looking forward to seeing that in 1080p on the 40″ Sony LCD 🙂

Elliot has been playing on the deck this afternoon and we fear that he may well revolt when it is time to come in again 🙁 He REALLY LOVES playing outside.  Our next door neighbour (Paul and Jill + boys) gave Elliot a little car to play in in the drive etc today – he was made up – as we all know Elliot loves cars but this one is really cool – it has a drinks holder, a space to store a blanket and a “DooDoo” 🙂  Their boys have outgrown it and it was otherwise sat in their garage – very kind and Elliot is very pleased with it.

Thanks to everyone for the cards and gifts – Simon feels very lucky to have received all that he has.

Day off…

Simon has taken the day off work today to relax (erm well that was the idea) with Elliot and just have a boys day.

We got Elliot’s hair cut finally and have played Mario Kart and cars and jigsaws.

The sun is shining and all is well – even the internet connection has been consistently good 🙂

Clare and Frank’s big days has almost fallen on top of us – the time really has flown by.  I think we all have our suits and are ready to go go go….