Wow – a whole week of 24+ degrees C – let’s hope that this is NOT the hot week of the year … 🙂

Well, the new flooring in the downstairs of ForkHall is now half complete and it looks amazing.  Apparently the amount of dust that was created was ridiculous and kept Vicky and Elliot busy all day yesterday 🙁

Hopefully, we will all be finished today including skirting boards going back on, and who knows we may even get to go look for some new furniture for the lounge.  All we need now is a big conservatory to house all of Elliot’s stuff – it is currently filling the Dining Room and spilling out into the kitchen….

Well the internet feed seems to have flattened out at about 3Mb – the engineer reckoned we should be in for around 6Mb, but the service provider seems adamant that the 3Mb is the best that we can get and that they do not have any artificial clamping going on – we are not so sure however…. Whichever way we look at it, we are online and have a good service again – the downside is that we now KNOW that BT as a service provider are not great – they took 5 weeks to get an engineer out – he diagnosed and fixed the issue in under 2 hours…

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