Arrived in Portugal although a day late

We all arrived at the airport in Liverpool with hours to spare so make a couple of duty free purchases – sun glasses, LEGO and aftershave / perfumes – only to find a delay was placed on our flight. There was a fishy smell given that we were told there was an engineering issue on the plane yet when looking outside there was nobody working on said plane πŸ™ 

We waited around an hour and a half before we were advise we would be sleeping in a nearby hotel and flying the next morning πŸ™

So, we waited to collect our bags and made our way over to the hotel across the street. We enjoyed a drink and pizza before heading to bed as we needed to be up early for the 8am flight the following morning. We also calle the car rental company and hotel to let them know of the delay in the hope that they would keep our car and rooms in situ for us as that would have further tested the start to our vacation πŸ™

This morning was relatively uneventful as we got over to the airport in good time (a small issue over seating but it was solved after about 15 minutes) and had breakfast in Frankie and Benny’s.

The plane set off about 20 minutes late and was pretty comfortable, arriving roughly on time πŸ™‚

Just to collect our bags and car….

Ale Trail in the sunshine

Yesterday daddy set out with the boys early to head out on the Ale Trail once again. A bacon butty in Leeds was the strategy in order to have a hot pie and peas in Stalybridge – only when we arrived there was no hot food on – Strategy Failure πŸ™

However the sun was glorious so we managed a couple of pints – as we sat back enjoying the beer and conversation Stalybridge went from being very quiet to super busy as all the other ale trailers rocked up.

Lee came up with the wisdom of the day – missing out Greenfield (as there I no beer garden of consequence) so that we could head straight to Marsden and stay in the sun and crucially ahead of the queue of trailers πŸ™‚

We enjoyed a light lunch at the RiverHead Tap pub again, in the sunshine and following three pints there we head on to Slaithwaite where once again we sat out in the sunshine, enjoyed two pints and a warm pork pie – a GOOD pork pie at that πŸ™‚

Then on to Huddersfield where there was a huge beer festival going on right outside the railway station so we didn’t bother heading into the pub – just a cheeky couple of ales in the Huddersfield sunshine πŸ™‚ oh, and a nice ice-cream πŸ™‚

Then it was back on the train for Mirfield (our final train journey) and a short walk over to the Flower Pot – that’s right another couple (well for daddy one was a coke) of beverages in the sunshine.

We grabbed a taxi up to Grangemoor and Grameen for a curry where we bumped into Grandma and Granddad who were out for a meal also.

The great news was that meant a lift home afterwards πŸ™‚ Winner.

A fantastic day with sunburn to prove it and incredibly no headache this morning πŸ™‚

Terrific weekend – now back to it for 3 weeks

We have sadly come out of the other side of a terrific weekend – Saturday was a day of BBQ over at Rob and April’s and despite the rain (there was LOTS of it), it was a truly fantastic day – Rob made some pulled pork that was literally the best pulled pork we have ever experienced – just WOW. Wine and laughter accompanied good friends and the kids just played and played all day, with the finale being some fireworks that Tracey had found Β in their garage.

Then yesterday, we went over to grandma and granddad’s for another BBQ and again the food was great, the conversation great but to really top it the sun came out, and came out for real – it was a scorcher, so being sat in the BBQ pit area was simply delightful – hot sun mixed with little clouds and no wind made for perfect conditions. IT did mean that we were all dreaming of our holidays which are only three weeks away, but it still feels like an eternity away….

All of this following daddy’s results from his over 40’s medical check up – all OK except cholesterol levels which are sadly rather high πŸ™ Presently the level is 5.9 and really needs to be under 5.1 apparently. Also, when this was checked back in 2009, the level was 4.5 so something is not going in the right direction πŸ™ On the plus side, his chance of heart attack etc is only 3.03% in the next 10 years so that is a positive – now just to sort the diet to lose the extra weight that has appeared in the last 2 months and work on reducing the cholesterol… Typical, with a holiday coming up…