Terrific weekend – now back to it for 3 weeks

We have sadly come out of the other side of a terrific weekend – Saturday was a day of BBQ over at Rob and April’s and despite the rain (there was LOTS of it), it was a truly fantastic day – Rob made some pulled pork that was literally the best pulled pork we have ever experienced – just WOW. Wine and laughter accompanied good friends and the kids just played and played all day, with the finale being some fireworks that Tracey had found Β in their garage.

Then yesterday, we went over to grandma and granddad’s for another BBQ and again the food was great, the conversation great but to really top it the sun came out, and came out for real – it was a scorcher, so being sat in the BBQ pit area was simply delightful – hot sun mixed with little clouds and no wind made for perfect conditions. IT did mean that we were all dreaming of our holidays which are only three weeks away, but it still feels like an eternity away….

All of this following daddy’s results from his over 40’s medical check up – all OK except cholesterol levels which are sadly rather high πŸ™ Presently the level is 5.9 and really needs to be under 5.1 apparently. Also, when this was checked back in 2009, the level was 4.5 so something is not going in the right direction πŸ™ On the plus side, his chance of heart attack etc is only 3.03% in the next 10 years so that is a positive – now just to sort the diet to lose the extra weight that has appeared in the last 2 months and work on reducing the cholesterol… Typical, with a holiday coming up…

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