Ground floor bathroom decorated

We nipped to B&Q this morning, bought some supplies for putting up wallpaper (and the wallpaper of course – sparkly of course) and when we got home it was time to crack on…

We finished the glossing work in the spare bedroom, popped a third coat of paint in the WC before beginning the wallpapering in the WC. It took a little longer than we envisaged but the results do look really good

Decoration and Christmas Parties

We have begun the process of re-decorating the spare room – collected some paint and taken up the carpet and are prepared to begin the fun that is gloss painting tomorrow 🙂

We have also pretty much decided that we are going to replace the internal doors in the house with nice varnished oak items – probably a rather expensive gig given that there are 9 doors plus two smaller wardrobe doors on the first floor 🙁  Then of course there is the ground floor – a further 7 doors plus two smaller ones (same as the wardrobe doors).

We are thinking of having a nice feature wall in the spare room that will be wallpapered – a new skill for us to learn 🙂

Then we have also been working on a small Christmas Party for some of the parents from school – like we did last year.  We have settled on Thorpe Park Hotel in North Leeds as they have a cool Bond Themed Party night – should be a whole heap of fun 🙂  Frightening that we are looking at booking this now though !!!!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

It’s a Sunday, it is scheduled to be one of the last days of summer so we decided to make the most of it and go out for the day. Destination……. Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

We had never been before and quite a few people have commented on it being a good place to visit. We arrived just before lunch with beautiful blue skies and hot sunshine – 20+ degrees Celcius – wow.

Sadly, poor Olly tripped up on the short walk into the park and once he noticed (took him about 8 minutes) that he had scraped his right elbow and that it was bleeding a little, he went into a blind panic and would not stop crying for over 45minutes. It was as if he was suffering from shock in that he was shivering as well as crying etc 🙁

Once he got over it and ate his lunch, we got out there and enjoyed the park. It is a MUCH bigger place than we had anticipated and is very well laid out with lots to see and do. There are two indoor play areas, one that is really just slides for the kids and the other is like a typical indoor play area with an African jungle theme. One outdoor woodland play area that is great fun for climbing on etc too.

It was not a cheap day out (£50 for all of us) but we felt it was worth every penny once we managed Oliver into enjoying himself post fall 🙂

Birthday celebrations continued….

Last night we went to Halifax to the Electric Bowl to meet Grandma cuckoo! Nard, Auntie Jenny, Uncle Justin and Uncle Dan to go bowling and have some cake etc. Lucky Elliot got some more birthday presents and we all had fun at the alley. Daddy has managed to damage his left knee during bowling and while it is not massive pain, it is still enough this morning to not be able to support his weight purely on his left leg 🙁

Home day today so relaxing – although something tells me that we will have a crying fit later due to removal from minecraft…… Time will tell……