Decoration and Christmas Parties

We have begun the process of re-decorating the spare room – collected some paint and taken up the carpet and are prepared to begin the fun that is gloss painting tomorrow 🙂

We have also pretty much decided that we are going to replace the internal doors in the house with nice varnished oak items – probably a rather expensive gig given that there are 9 doors plus two smaller wardrobe doors on the first floor 🙁  Then of course there is the ground floor – a further 7 doors plus two smaller ones (same as the wardrobe doors).

We are thinking of having a nice feature wall in the spare room that will be wallpapered – a new skill for us to learn 🙂

Then we have also been working on a small Christmas Party for some of the parents from school – like we did last year.  We have settled on Thorpe Park Hotel in North Leeds as they have a cool Bond Themed Party night – should be a whole heap of fun 🙂  Frightening that we are looking at booking this now though !!!!

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