Oliver is a little under the weather :-(

Olly has had a temperature today (38 degrees C) and has not taken all of his feeds.  The poor little fella is just a little under the weather and it sounds like he has a sore throat 🙁

It is now 10:10 pm and he took a full 7oz feed @ 8pm so will be expecting another one anytime now, and we hope he is able to “sleep it off” tonight.

On other matters, Simon has been messing with Shazam (an iPhone app) – it is VERY VERY cool in that it can record a music track (say playing on the radio), will then spend a few seconds figuring out exactly what the track is, will then log exactly what time and where you were when you recorded it and then, get this, offer you you tube videos, or iTunes store purchase of the track, and an internet search for the artist.  Incredible where the technology has taken us…..

The shared calendaring via MobileMe is awesome – Vicky and Simon now have a full online calendaring solution that automatically updates BOTH iPhones and also Vicky’s laptop on the fly.  Simon will not ever have an excuse again …. apparently 🙂

Steve finally cut the grass yesterday – it was almost 9 inches long in places – feels like a month since it was last cut….

The hair is cut – finally

Simon went for a haircut today so took Elliot with him – however Elliot was “not having his haircut” so Simon had to persuade Elly to go along just for the walk etc in the sunshine.

Simon had his done while Elliot watched and hoped that Elliot would be up for it next.  Bare in mind that while on our vacation in the lakes, Elliot absolutely screamed the shop out when we went in to have his hair cut.  We have no idea why he has decided that he no longer wished to have it cut, but the decision appears to have been made.

Once again, today, he was not having it done so Simon decided that he was having it done and so put up with the screaming fit – I think the poor lady doing the cutting was quite traumatised by the whole affair 🙁

We got 95% of the job done and so he looks pretty good again – we need to try to figure out why he was so against having it done at all though….

Simon succumbs to the iPhone :-)

Vicky has only had the iPhone for 1 WEEK – Simon has had the bottom lip out the whole time and today, we went to acquire him one – may stop the whinging 🙂 Of course it HAD to be the 32Gb 3gs – nothing else was good enough …

Out of jest however, what a cool device – they really are very good at dealing with internet based stuff – i.e. mobile web is really good, the ability to download straight from the iTunes Store is really very cool, and the integration is awesome.  Then there is the ability to actually see the SKY TV listings and set the HD box in the house to record stuff from out and about – simply mind blowing stuff !!  Enough I hear you cry Simon, you have already said you have bought one, don’t need the selling pitch anymore…

One last point 🙂 – what is very cool is that Simon and Vicky can now share a calendar which means there is no more excusing one of us (Simon again !!) claiming to not know about an upcoming event – it is all there for both to see quickly and easily.

The rain just keep coming – really heavy showers so we are definitely pleased that the conservatory is fixed properly.

Elliot behaves impeccably with visitors !! OK, so almost :-(

Sara, Matt and the girls came round for the day today, and Elliot has been very well behaved for the whole day – only one paddy actually took place – right at the beginning of the day as well 🙂

Elliot and Jessica played really well together, with the final playing being finding out just how much fun it can be to bounce on mummy and daddy’s bed 🙁 Little monkeys

All the kids were crying at the end of the day as Matt, Sara and kids were going home – they didn’t want to go and Elliot didn’t want them to go….

We have all had a great day today.  Hoping tomorrow works out half as well 🙂

Sexy car – it must be Grandma’s

Simon is sat in the conservatory with the boys, and Elliot is looking at photos on the iPod Touch.  He came across a few photos of Simon’s old Boxster S from the year 2000.  Simon stated that that used to be Daddies car – the response was stunning:

No Daddy, that is a sexy car – it must be Grandmas……

Outrageous, no matter what Simon says, there is NO way Elliot is believing the car was Daddies.