Oliver is a little under the weather :-(

Olly has had a temperature today (38 degrees C) and has not taken all of his feeds.  The poor little fella is just a little under the weather and it sounds like he has a sore throat 🙁

It is now 10:10 pm and he took a full 7oz feed @ 8pm so will be expecting another one anytime now, and we hope he is able to “sleep it off” tonight.

On other matters, Simon has been messing with Shazam (an iPhone app) – it is VERY VERY cool in that it can record a music track (say playing on the radio), will then spend a few seconds figuring out exactly what the track is, will then log exactly what time and where you were when you recorded it and then, get this, offer you you tube videos, or iTunes store purchase of the track, and an internet search for the artist.  Incredible where the technology has taken us…..

The shared calendaring via MobileMe is awesome – Vicky and Simon now have a full online calendaring solution that automatically updates BOTH iPhones and also Vicky’s laptop on the fly.  Simon will not ever have an excuse again …. apparently 🙂

Steve finally cut the grass yesterday – it was almost 9 inches long in places – feels like a month since it was last cut….

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