The hair is cut – finally

Simon went for a haircut today so took Elliot with him – however Elliot was “not having his haircut” so Simon had to persuade Elly to go along just for the walk etc in the sunshine.

Simon had his done while Elliot watched and hoped that Elliot would be up for it next.  Bare in mind that while on our vacation in the lakes, Elliot absolutely screamed the shop out when we went in to have his hair cut.  We have no idea why he has decided that he no longer wished to have it cut, but the decision appears to have been made.

Once again, today, he was not having it done so Simon decided that he was having it done and so put up with the screaming fit – I think the poor lady doing the cutting was quite traumatised by the whole affair 🙁

We got 95% of the job done and so he looks pretty good again – we need to try to figure out why he was so against having it done at all though….

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