Olly’s first School Rugby Match

Today was Olly’s first tag Rugby match at school and they were playing Pocklington school at home.

The team played pretty well considering it was their first match and they have only been practising since September of this year.

Olly’s was more interested in operating his mouth rather than his skills to either run with the ball or prevent the Pcklinfton boys from being able to score.

Silcoates ultimately lost 13-11 although if there was to be a fourth 10 minute game, Silcoates would likely have won 🙂 

Well done Year 3 – you did yourselves and the school proud.

Silcoates Juniors Sports Day

Today was the Silcoates Juniors Sports day with the Reception to Year 2 class being from 9:30 to 11:30 and years 3 to 6 from 13:30 to 15:20.

Both the boys were wearing the red shirts of Yonges and were as ready as they ever would be – Elliot complained on the walk in to school that we were walking too quickly… 🙁

Olly almost won his first race – he came second because he stopped to show daddy and Hugo how great he was…. Wonder where he gets that from…

He won his running race and came in fourth in the obstacle race.

The sun shone for almost all of the morning so shorts and t-shirts worked well for all.

The afternoon was slightly different – the track events were completed in cloudy circumstances where the t-shirt just about worked – Elliot managed second in the 100m running race behind Miss Box 🙂 Then came the 400m….

Elliot was about 165m behind the winner and apparently stopped midway round for a tactical vomit 😀 Daddy didn’t see it but found it hilarious when he was told about it – Elliot didn’t find this bit as funny as daddy….

Then came the field events, where Elliot did a 2m long jump (during this time Hugo actually cocked his leg and weed on daddy while he was trying to get a photo of Elliot mid-jump…. 🙁 ) and an 18m throw of a ball befor the HEAVENS OPENED including hail !!!! By the time daddy and Hugo got back to the car (they ran), daddy’s t shirt was stacked right through and he had water running down his underwear……

The rest of the events were abandoned and school was on at 14:50 🙂

School Parents Evening

Last night was the first chance for a formal conversation with the teachers at school about how the boys are settling in within their new year groups.

We were somewhat dreading Oliver’s review as his attitude of late at home has been particularly poor – however, we were delighted to hear of his progress in the classroom, and with the usual issues of carpet time listening when sat with certain friends, he is doing really, really well. There is a suggestion that maybe he is struggling with his eye sight, so we are going to get him (well, both of them actually) in for a test in the next few days / week.

Elliot on the other hand is handling year 4 really well and Miss Dix has even suggested that he may not require the extra time out with the Talking House company – we did wonder the same so we are therefore going to take a term out and see how he gets on without it.

All in all, we are very pleased with the progress from the first month in – well done boys – keep it up.