Brown bear update… HE’s HOME :-)

It seems (thankfully) that Max had a good night last night and even went for a little walk.  He has eaten and drunk this morning and it has stayed down – all goodness 🙂

We are awaiting a call at 4pm to determine if he is going to be well enough to come home today 🙂  Fingers crossed – Pepsi is still bemused as to where his mate has gone – however, it is now evident that the dog hair around the house is most likely just Pepsi’s – there appears to be no less dog hair finding its way around the house in the last 24 hours… 🙂

Update- we got the call this afternoon that all was well and that we could collect him at 4pm 🙂 So, he is now home and relaxing.  Pepsi was tres pleased to see him and while he was pleased to get out, he is clearly not yet himself – a couple of days and hopefully we will be back on track 🙂

Get well soon big brown bear :-(

Last night Max refused his own dinner 🙁 Then started pacing around a lot and ended up being sick outside a few times 🙁  Then he proceeded to keep us up through the night as he continued pacing and grunting at himself, occasionally popping upstairs to request garden access for the next installment 🙁

When he refused his breakfast we decided to take him to see his friends and Palmer and Duncan (the VET) right after taking Elliot to school.  Margaret checked him out and made the simple statement that there was something that she didn’t like somewhere in his abdomen and that he could not go home, an op was required 🙁 We were convinced that it was a sock or two (or maybe three) although he has always been able to get them out in the past…

So, we ensured that they had our latest telephone numbers and went home to a saddened Pepsi – was confused as to where his mate was 🙁

Anyway, Vicky called the vet up a couple of hours later to find that he was still in surgery although a sock had already been found and removed…

A couple of hours later, we found that he was coming round from his anaesthetic and that it was only one sock in the end.  Mr Duncan is to call us up later today to let us know more but that Max is staying out tonight and should be back with us tomorrow.

Good luck brown bear – see you soon buddy 🙂

Busy week…

We have had a really rather busy week this week – on Tuesday the Range Rover had a flat tyre when we went out to take the boys to school.  So we had to take them in the other cars.  It was raining, so daddy was very pleased to be having to take Tina out 🙁  Olly enjoyed the journey to school nonetheless, and it meant that Elliot requested the same means of getting to school the following day 🙂 Apparently being taken to school in Bobby was OK but Tina is the future.

Bobby went in to JCT600 Porsche in Leeds for service on Tuesday as well and has come out with an all clear – GREAT news as Simon was slightly concerned that we could have something looming around the corner.  Well, the fact that the battery in her is not a specific Porsche one is an advisory that we should consider – a small 280UKP item !!!! LOL

While we were there we noticed a stunning 2008 Boxster S Sport Edition in a sort of copper / brass metallic colour with sand coloured (embossed) leather.  A snap at just 25K 🙂 No sat nav so it was a bit of a non starter – Bobby has sat nav and is actually a very good car so there will be no replacing going on 🙂

The really funny thing was that we collected the car on Wednesday and Simon got a call on Wednesday evening from a guy in the sales department to see if we are interested in upgrading – can only believe that we were seen looking at the 2008 item and they are running a little low on numbers thus far this month…  Good sales tactics though 🙂

Thankfully Bruce’s tyre was repairable – the first time that this has ever happened for Simon – a 15 UKP repair rather than 300 UKP replace…

We are making good progress with a company for the bathroom, downstairs bathroom and kitchen although they are going to need to work significantly on their price if we are to go with them.  We also need to make more progress with other companies to see what else is available to us.

We took a ride out to York in Tina on Thursday given she was already dirty, it made sense to enjoy her. We confirmed that the heated seat in the drivers seat does not work so we will need to contact the warranty company to determine what they can do to repair it.

All of the cars have their correct registrations on now as well 🙂

Onto more important topics, Elliot is really enjoying school it seems although yesterday he had a little setback with one of the girls in his class wanted to play with him – although got a little rough and swung him around by his jacket.  He was worried (apparently) that his coat would rip and there were tears.  A little girl in the class above him brought him a book today as a present as she saw that he was upset yesterday  🙂 What a wonderful selfless thing to do 🙂 Thank you whoever you are…

Elliot is reading books that he brings home from school and has started singing to us – there is a concert in school at the beginning of December – we are looking forward to it already.  He seems on the face of it to be getting involved in things rather than sitting on the curbside as perhaps we might have expected.  He is really impressing us – great work Elly 🙂

Olly has decided that he does not want to go to school at all, and has begun panicking in the school car park as to whether he is going in to the school to stay each day 🙁  He has started lobbying at the beginning of the morning journey to persuade mummy and daddy that he does not need to go to school today…

School is fun :-)

So we are almost a week in now, and Elliot appears to be enjoying school more and more by the day.  Apparently today he was participating in the singing for the Christmas concert 🙂 🙂 🙂 He had been doing the hand gestures etc, but today he actually got stuck in with the singing.  We are soooo pleased…

Olly had his second dull day in nursery and apparently he cried when he realised that we had actually left him, but then just got on with it – the nursery teachers have commented on how advanced his speech is, and that he knows his full name – apparently most of the little ones only just manage their first names at this stage.

We have been out trying to make some moves on kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture as we have decided that the kitchen needs updating, we need a completely new bathroom (and we may just update / replace the downstairs lavatory) and the bedroom needs cabinets etc.  Hence this could be a BIG spending spree.

We have not been overly successful on the kitchen front (the shop we went to in Wakefield (3D was the name) was a complete waste of time – the salesman didn’t even have a rough idea of what it cost to build a set of furniture in their own store….) although we have put a call into the place in York where the original kitchen came from in the hope that we can accelerate things by making use of them.

Hopefully we will have a guy coming round from Wakefield Bathrooms in te next week or so to help advise us on the two bathrooms that we are going to replace.

Need to get on with the man cave as well…… oh, where will we find the hours in the day…..

Oh, VAR 625 is now home again – sat on a cheeky Porsche Boxster S 🙂 V12 UST is legally in place on an Aston Martin DB9 and we are waiting for the V5 for the Range Rover in order to place VAR 72 on it 🙂